Introducing a way to help you meet today’s living expenses

If you are currently seeking a cash loan for any reason as a salary/wage earner, Centrelink Client or with a past history of bad credit (with improved circumstances) ; our friendly and helpful staff will be able to advise you on how we can help – we are just a phone call away and we maybe able to assist by assessing your current financial circumstances.

We have been providing cash loans from $500-$3,000 on affordable payment plans of 6 – 12 months to many clients in Victoria and NSW (Wagga Wagga / Broken Hill) for over 10 years and we will be able to help you in assessing your potential for obtaining a suitable loan.

Action Cash Loans is sensitive to your individual needs and circumstances and welcomes enquiries from wage earners and others seeking assistance, whether or not you have had a loan in the past.

We operate as Australian Credit Licensed,  Action Cash Loans Centres and your loans are generally paid within 24 hours of  your application being approved as suitable, on most reasonable requests, including unexpected bills, school costs, car repairs, holidays, cash to retrieve hocked goods, court fines, telephone/electricity bills, for leasing household goods and other necessary items you require.

The benefits to you in obtaining an Action Cash Loan are: no early payout fees or penalties for finalising your borrowing before the due date. Flexible payment amounts to suit your budget (26 – 52 week terms keep the payments below many small loan lenders who usually only allow 3- 6 months or less to repay loans, also poor credit in the past and bankruptcies will be considered if your financial circumstances have improved.

Don’t delay phone today or complete the attached inquiry form to find out if you may qualify for a suitable Action Cash Loan.